Visit to the Airport Railway was being under construstion - 9th Sept, 1997


In June & September of 1997, the former p/way enginner Mr. Mike Baxter of MTRC arranged two visits of Airport Railway for us when the airport railway was still under construction. We visited the main depot in Siu Ho Wan and temporary depot in Mei Foo. In between the two locations, we had walked alone the tracks in Tsing Ma Bridge for around two and half hours. The 2nd visit report is being as below.

In 9th September of 1997, we had a group of 18 members visit to Mei Foo temporary depot in the early of morning. Mr. Mike Baxter had presented the layout of tracks first. We had visited all facilities after his presentation.

When we left Mei Foo depot, we took a minibus of MTRC to the entrance of tracks at Tsing Yi. We started to walk alone the tracks in Tsing Ma Bridge.

When we arrived at Lantau Island by walking, we took the minibus again to Siu Ho Wan depot. Mr. Mike Baxter had led us to visit so many facilities in depot. Meantime, we had chanced to saw the new EMUs unloading and test running.

We greatly appreciate the arrangement by Mr. Mike Baxter for both visits as well as our chairman Mr. CK Poon and all committee members.


Inside the Temporary Depot in Mei Foo

Mr. Mike Baxter had presented the design and layout of new rails Our members listen and wrote some notes
The parts of roadbed Parts of roadbeds storage area
Measurment of rails assemble on roadbed Parts of switches storage area
Small running shed Small diesel loco parking outside of running shed
The work train parking inside running shed Loading guage limit
Small loading/unloading yard We were walking to yard
Some work trains parking in the yard
We visit some facilities inside the yard



Walked alone on track in Tsing Ma Bridge

We went inside the track from Tsing Yi site We walk alone the track to Tsing Ma Bridge
At starting point of Tsing Ma Bridge, we found an extendable track An overhead wires was still under laying
The bottom of bridge could be seeing through from the net The track had laid on bottom of bridge
At top centre, the sunlight can come inside the bridge This darker area is the bridge tower
We walk alone on emergency path beside the track Some different when we bypassed Ma Wan Island section
We also walk alone on emergency path beside the track in Ma Wan section Tracks and roadbeds laid on blocks in Ma Wan section
Then, we bypasseded Kap Shui Mun Bridge We arrived the Lantau Island
We took group photos at the end of Kap Shui Mun Bridge We walk alone on track in Lantau Island section
Inside the single track tunnel This is connecting point between tunnel and normal track
Entrance of tunnels in Yam O, Lantau Island We walk alone on track also.
We waited for minibus at the curve and looking for any train test running


The main depot in Siu Ho Wan, Lantau Island.

The cleaning machine outside the new depot Control room of cleaning machines and other offices
Track maintance car Inside the new depot
Work train parking outside of new depot We walk to peir at another corner of depot area
New TCL train waited to push back to depot New coach landing at pier
New TCL coach Train push to depot
New trains parking area New AEL train
New train test running Total 7 coaches


Nearby Tsing Yi Station and Rambler Channel Bridge

The Rambler Channel Bridge with four tracks The bridge connected to Tsing Yi Station
Working vehicle on the bridge We found 3 tunnels at Tsing Yi Island. The lower tunnel is only for emergency parking
The connection point between the bridge and Lai King viaduct track    

Nearby Lai King Station and Olympic Station

Work vehicle on viaduct track at Lai King One work train bypassed Lai King Station
The track laid on the ground near Olympic Station We found the highspeed switch near Olympic Station also
Olympic Station At Olympic Station, we saw the tunnel which go to Kowloon Station


Should you have any question, please don't hesitate to email us at .Thank you very much.

Reported by Tony Lou
Committee of Hong Kong Railway Society